Foster Funeral Program


Recognizing a need in our state, the Association entered into an agreement with the Florida Department of Children and Families to provide funeral arrangements for foster children. The plight of a foster child is tragic enough without the additional burden of funding for a funeral of one of these children. Foster children often have no permanent family involved and no resources to help, especially with financial matters.


In 2000, a Senator approached the Association with concerns about the lack of funding for funeral for foster children after a foster child died in his district. Shortly thereafter, the agreement between the Association and DCF was negotiated. Since the Foster Child Funeral Program began, Association members have provided dignified, compassionate funerals to over 100 children.


To participate in the Association Foster Child Funeral Program, the DCF District Administrator should contact the FCCFA office at 800-226-3332 for a Foster Child Funeral Program Form. After completing the information requested and returning the form the association office will contact a FCCFA member in the area where the death has occurred. In some cases race, religion or culture determines who is called upon for assistance.