September 20th - Lunch & Learn Webinar

Five Inexpensive IT Changes that have an Enormous Impact on Business

This Webinar is Complimentary for FCCFA Members (1 CEU Available)

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This session will cover how simple, inexpensive changes to existing IT systems will make an enormous impact on any Funeral Home business. 
The webinar will also cover the following:
  • How to carry out an effective Systems Audit on your current IT and/or paper-based systems and formulating a winning modernization plan. Expanding customer reach by offering better online services aligned with the modern consumer (Millennials, Gen X’s & Gen Z’s).
  • Adding an effective CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to unlock new revenue streams
  • Bringing new competitors into your service offering instead of losing potential business & revenue to them.
  • Digitizing your system with a focus on Records, Task Management and Online Payments.

About the Speaker:


Joe Witherspoon has been pioneering uses of online technology in business starting in the early 1990s.  His professional journey has included both creating and riding the e-commerce and digitization waves of the travel industry, as well as retail, commercial real estate and personal electric vehicles.  For the past 5 years Joe has been deeply involved in the death care space, first as General Manager for 3 Catholic Cemeteries in California and more recently as Director of Sales for software company OpusXenta.  OpusXenta provides both enterprise level cemetery and funeral home management software for large organizations such as combos and standalone cemeteries, as well as affordable cemetery management software for public, church and nonprofit cemeteries.