The FCCFA and FCCFA Foundation annually recognize individuals and companies who have made contributions to the FCCFA and the death care industry with educational scholarships and award recognition.

Scholarships and Award applications are due April 30th every year.


The FCCFA Foundation offers four scholarships annually totaling over $7,000:

  • The Corinne Olvey and Judy Ralph Scholarship (2 scholarships ($2,500 each) are offered to those seeking to attend ICCFA-U)
  • The Doug Stowell and Mortuary Sciences Scholarships (3 scholarships ($1,000 each) are provided to those studying mortuary science)
  • The FCCFA Foundation Academic Scholarship (One scholarship ($1,250) to assist with college expenses for children of FCCFA members) 
  • The FCCFA Cemeterian Scholarship (One scholarship ($300) to assist in offsetting the cost of attending the FCCFA Maintenance Expo)

FCCFA members are invited to nominate a person, supplier member or company they believe deserved to be recognized by their colleagues. Award winners must be a current member of FCCFA and involved in the death care industry. Awards are in the following categories: 
  • Funeral Director of the Year
  • Cemeterian of the Year
  • Sales Representative of the Year
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Supplier of the Year
  • Funeral Home, Cemetery or Crematory Member of the Year
  • Rising Star Award
  • Friend of the FCCFA Award
Nominees will be notified and asked to submit a brief biography and additional documentation for the Awards Committee’s review. You must submit 150 word essay with each submission. Nomination deadline is April 30th every year. Award winners will be selected by the FCCFA Awards Committee and notified in June. Award winners will be invited to the FCCFA Annual Convention & Trade Show, where they will be presented with their award. Any FCCFA member in good standing may submit a nomination. Individuals may nominate themselves.
Award Nomination Form