Complimentary 'Members Only' Webinar - Wednesday, November 8, 2023

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This webinar will be presented by Nelson Sanchez and Alexander Homes from the Frigid Fluid Company.  Alex and Nelson have extensive experience servicing devices.  Together, they will demonstrate how to perform regular maintenance on your Frigid devices to ensure their proper operation and to extend their functional lifespan.

About the Speakers:

Nelson Sanchez  directs global sales for Frigid Fluid Company based in Miami, FL.  He was born and raised in Venezuela and moved to the United States to attend college on a baseball scholarship. He played ball and earned his bachelor’s degree in business at Bethel College in South Bend Indiana. Nelson then moved to Chicago and completed his MBA in Finance at Concordia University of Chicago which quickly led to his career in the death care industry at Frigid.   Nelson is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese and has been able to work with cemeteries and funeral professionals throughout the world. Nelson is now a certified technician in the state of Florida who can complete a full repair of your casket lowering devices.

Alexander Holmes- Alex has worked for Frigid Fluid Company for three years, traveling nationally to assist their customers in ensuring their casket lowering devices are operating at Frigid factory standards. He grew up in West Michigan, attending Michigan State University.  Prior to managing cemetery service for Frigid, he worked at X-Rite, Inc in a similar role, managing service for North America.