2024 Embalming Seminar

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The seminar will also cover following:
  1. Overview of biologically relevant chemicals and embalming chemicals
  2. Use a crime scene analogy to discuss the “Suspects” or chemicals that embalming is intended to “Arrest” or preserve.
  3. Discuss the “Crimes” or changes that occur in the postmortem phase.
  4. Describe the fluid selection based on several case analysis with input from the family or “the Witnesses.”

Please direct any questions to Beth Kirkland at [email protected].

Registration Fees:
Member: $49.00
Non-Member: $69.00
Mortuary Student (I.D. Required) : $0.00

About the Speaker:

Damon de la Cruz, PhD is a licensed Embalmer and Funeral Director.  He is the Director of Education for Frigid Fluids, Cypress College, Mortuary Science Program Director, and has served on the American Board of Funeral Service Education Curriculum committee.  He speaks nationally and internationally on a regular basis.

His embalming career has spanned multiple states, countries, and continents.  Damon has a bachelor’s degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology and was awarded a Doctorate in Pathobiology from the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California for his work on stem cell homeostasis.

Most recently, Damon has co-authored the textbook Turning Art into Science: Applying Chemistry to Funeral Service. This is a book that succinctly bridges concepts across embalming, funeral service and chemistry.  Additionally, he recognizes the potential for technology in funeral service and created the popular free embalming app Embalm Calc.