On April 24, the FCCFA held a one-day Embalming Seminar in Lake Nona titled “The Prep Room Detective”. The event, hosted by the University of Central Florida College of Medicine (COM) and sponsored by the Frigid Fluid Company featured Dr. Damon de la Cruz. The session was attended by both practicing embalmers and mortuary school students.


The course focused on “clues” that can be obtained from family members and other sources that will help identify challenges an embalmer may face, such as excessive alcohol or drug use or medical afflictions that required the use certain types of medications.


Dr. de la Cruz used his extensive embalming career and educational background in biology and pathology to walk students through various questions they could ask, the potential answers to those questions and how those answers may affect the way they go about the embalming process and prepare a body for services.


In addition, hands-on embalming techniques were demonstrated in the COM prep room.


Special thanks to UCF, Frigid Fluid and Starmark Local for sponsoring lunch!



Some pictures from this year's Event: